A Safe Adventure In the Philippines

What two weeks in Siargao taught me.

Arriving in Siargao with a propeller airplane in a terminal the size of a shoebox Siargao Blue resort arranged a pickup in an air-conditioned minivan. The main transportation on the island are scooters, motorbikes and pedal bikes. Overall the Island is still an island without mass tourism and shows a good mix of local and international people. Many mixed couples form a noticeable synergy that many visitors state to be unique compared to other destinations. If you think about the Philippines you automatically think about Cloud 9, at least that is what I did. Therefor this is where my trip started.




“Untouched Island”

The die hard surfer would love to stay with Gerry from Australia at Sagana resort, Gerry has had his resort in front of Cloud 9 for over 20 years and he can explain everything about the breaks and he might point out one or two secret spots. The resort offers security as the restaurant is for in-house guests only. The season with the biggest waves have always been mid September to November but the last years mid August showed consistency and good swell. For the people that want to experience the total pre-paid package of a scooter, surf transport, open restaurant, extra tours, daily surf lessons or guiding Kermit resort would be a great option. The resort showed me some great spots and the guides themselves are really good surfers. The local Philippine surf champion works at Kermit. Kermit also has the best Italian restaurant on the Island.


“Easy and layback”

Then I met Rasta, the friendliest Philippino I have met on my short but fulfilling trip. Rasta showed me the wonders of Stimpys and Rock Island, a good left and right just 100 meters away from each other after a 10 minute’ boat ride for 4 euro. Both waves work with all tides the right, rock island, is trickier due to some shallow reef. I experienced the sharp reef as I was chasing my surfboard after my leash broke due to the heavy waves. 8 months later I still wear the scar on my foot. From every surf trip until now I carry a small memory because I am way to stubborn to wear booties. Don’t be a fool and wear booties!


“Eco-friendly and green”

The best food was most definitely at Greenhouse Siargao. This beachfront location with beautiful private cottages is run by an interesting mix of Australian, USA and Japanese. They stand for a natural living and the whole resort is built to match. None of the rooms have air-conditioning but are fan cooled and the windows are made to be open during the day and night with the nicely designed mosquito windows. The yoga deck offers a great substitute for surfing and if you have the chance to try the Sri Lankan curry I can unquestionably recommend it.


“Whale shark tourism”

After this short week in Siargao I have been to Cebu for one day as it is a stopover but it also is the island that offers Whale Shark snorkelling. These beasts are truly magnificent and huge. Although it is questionable to visit them as it is an ultimate tourist attraction, they are being fed between 6 am and 1 pm and the tourist groups have time slots of 30 minutes. While it was interesting to see, it is almost as cultivated as a zoo. As always are the pictures better than the actual experience;)


“When will you go?”


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