A VISA run to Kuala Lumpur

A quick stop in a metropolis Asian city, many people living on Bali are familiar with the famous 3 hour Visa Run to KL and Singapore – Why not make it a weekend? Kuala Lumpur was high on my list as I really enjoyed Shanghai, Dubai, Beijing and Bangkok before. Big cities make me feel alive. Unfortunately Kuala Lumpur did disappoint me, the city is built up by malls and in my eyes ugly skyscrapers. It didn’t have great landmarks that impressed me like other cities in Asia do. Yes it has the Kl Tower and the Petronas towers, but that didn’t wow me.


Cultural mix”

A modern country that is developing rapidly with no specific culture. I have asked many people where they were from and I have heard all kind of answers like; Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Thailand. This unique mix of people and cultures made it a fascinating trip going from little Pakistan, where you can buy all kind of fabrics to little China where you can buy everything you can image.


A walk in the park”

Walking around in Kuala Lumpur is difficult as it is not common for people to travel by foot. All you see is roads and many times you end up walking along a road. Stubborn as I was I wanted to walk instead of drive and ended up walking 15km on my first day. My morning stroll led me to the Perdana Botanical Garden. This park was empty on a Saturday and maybe I was missing out on on something else but It is an oasis of peace and quiet in the hectic town.


“Bird view”

During the day I developed the urge to have a good overview of the city and this led me to the KL tower, this tower is 420 meter high and yet wasn’t enough to see the ocean. It was enough to see the chaos that this city holds and it made me realise how big the city actually is. Afterwards I headed back to china town to score some good food for late lunch. I ended up with a great nasi campur made by a Sumatran family.


Night time”

During the evening the Petaling street, China town, turns into a food market and you can try a wide variety of street food while you buy your fake nikes and rolex watches. I ended up trying a traditional shrimp maa followed by coconut and banana pancakes.



That was KL in one day, what to do the next day you might ask. I went to the Bukit Bintang, something that the people from my hostel recommended me to do. This is just one big mall with billboards and all the traditional chains like H&M, ZARA, McDonalds, Burger King and the more American chains that I recognised from my trip to Dubai. After the Bukit it was time to head to the Airport. The Monorail and other public transport are world class. The way back to the airport with the KLIA express is something a lot of countries can learn from, this 35 minute direct train from the central station to the airport takes you through palm fields straight to the airport.

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