Hidden European Gem

If I were to ask you where the Azores are located, would you know the answer?

I didn’t before I moved to Portugal. This hidden gem in the middle of the Atlantic is a must see for nature lovers. Together with 2 colleagues, we made the most out of a weekend trip to Sao Miguel. A trip to this remote province of Portugal requires two things, Airbnb and a rental car, the only two essentials for a great trip. 3 days is all that you need for one of the nine Islands. With more cows than people this can only end up as a peace full weekend with steak, wine and cheese.


“Ghost hotel, the ultimate rave location”

We still don’t know why it is deserted but that didn’t make it less impressive, next to lake de Fuego is an abandoned hotel that screams for epic selfies. This hotel is a must see as it gives you great panoramic views all over the island.


“Insert your own caption here”

After a long day of driving through a movie set through the hills whilst imagining doing it on a motorbike it was time to relax and enjoy our weekend of. Luckily enough does Sao Miguel have multiple hot water spring spread over the island. We enjoyed the water springs of Furnas. After a sun set it was time to go for a well deserved dinner including great fish and meat. A day well spent if you ask me.



The next day we learned that Portugals’ second best golf course was situated here and Adam, our golf pro, wanted to show me how to play golf. It was no success. Driving the club into the ground was my strong suit while Adam was driving the balls towards the green.


“What to do?”

In the right season the Azores are great for surfing but it is just always right for a weekend of exploring, steak and cheese. With lakes and hills you will always see an blue and green and what is more beautiful than a raw piece of mother nature?


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