72 Hours in Singapore

Visa run number two. Zero planning as I only bought my ticket 3 days in advance because another trip fell through. How to make the most out of a last minute trip? No expectations mean only rewards.

A friend of mine recommended couch surfing, let’s give it a shot. Friday night I signed up only 8 hours before I had to catch my flight at 6 am. Make sure to add pictures, information and look for that little piece of luck to find a host!

“Dragon Boating”

A friendly guy, called, Richard was kind enough to host me on short notice and this resulted me in attending a Dragon boat recruitment day. I have never been opposed to a day filled with sporty activities so I was in for a day on the water


“Sunday morning rituals”

Running – Jogging – eating, they do it all, dogs with couples, couples with kids, grandparents, everyone goes to any of the beautifully designed parks. I have seen the most beautiful dogs and people parading while I enjoyed my coffee and omelette at an overpriced but very nice garden restaurant. People watching is my new Sunday Ritual.


“Cultural melting pot”

Being Dutch I can’t really cope with the idea that a city is craving for some rain. But Singapore is such a city. Humidity at 95% is ok for the Botanical garden and the orchid garden but even I was happy with the intense and short shower. Gardens are fun but my favourite parts are Haji Lane near Little India and Everton road near china town. Little India was how I imagine India, everyone was on the streets, either selling, buying, eating or talking. But 90% are men, where are all the women?


“Old colonial neighbourhoods”

After lunch, in a very well designed restaurant, Populus, with a complete stranger, yes this weekend is filled with meeting strangers and wow what a meal, it was time to start a walk to Everton Park.

Street art just works for me, these old colonial neighbourhoods have so much charm compared to the cold but yet impressive skyscrapers. I will tell you more about the street art in a separate post.


The provision shop at Everton park was the last pit stop, again with strangers, before an Uber took me to Henderson waves. To dos almost done, going from recommendation to recommendation. Henderson waves park is fun but I would skip it on a next trip. Go to Spago to enjoy the best cocktail ever. 25 SD but a view to never forget. Both city and ocean view on the 60th floor, not to miss, a lot of people to watch.


“History of this side of the world”

The national museum was a little desert while I had to wait for my business visa. Yes 12 months Bali, its official. The museum touched the history of Singapore and The 1800’s have always fascinated me. Everything until the modern history including the Asian world war two were well presented and I learned a lot about the history of this side of the world. On to my next adventure in August, visiting Jean in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.


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