Exploring Bali


Bali has so much to offer, I have only seen 10% and I have been here for almost 4 months already. I showed my parents the best Bali has to offer in my eyes: Bingin, Nusa Lembongan, Ubud and we went on a mission up north.


“A weekend in Peaceful Bingin”

Bingin, my favourite place in Bali so far. A little village built against the cliff and only accessible via two very long stairs. My advice, pack light and don’t arrive after sunset. Showing up without anything booked is no issue. With more homestays than normal houses there will always be a small basic private room available for 200.000 IDR per night

But let me quickly tell you why I love it so much. Everyone hangs around 2 breakfast warungs, my favourite is Kelly’s, and everybody looks at the surfers who take of right above shallow reef during low tide. During the day many people will try to improve their surf skills or work on their tan, but low tide is when the real surfers show their skills.

With Uluwatu temple and single fin next door, there is still something to do for the adventurous traveller. As long as you are home for sunset. Because at sunset you have to gaze at the skyline and stroll to the blue or red tables set out on the beach. Here you find the best grilled prawns on the Island. Yes, the view and setting make it taste better.


After another week of work, it was time for a long weekend, this time I was going to show my parents Nusa Lembongan and Ubud.

“Diving paradise Nusa Lembongan”

The speedboat to Nusa Lembongan alone is already an adventure, especially if you share the boat with 20 Chinese kids and the boat goes up and down like a rollercoaster. I have never heard that many different tone levels. When you arrive it looks like time stood still, fisherman boats and teeny-tiny shops still show the character of this Island. Diving tourism is Nr. 1 at the moment and you have to be quick as the first bigger beachfront resorts are already being built.

Touring on Lembongan and Ceningan on a scooter is fun and parent proof. Yes, I tested it. During a short trip around the island filled with viewing points you barely encounter other people as Nusa Lembongan is not as touristy as the Gilis yet.


“Buddy up”

The big day has come. Diving with mantas and potentially the Mola-Mola. Manta rays are the most majestic creatures I have seen under water as they float gracefully over the reef. Even someone that stays on the boat or at the surface can see them as they are 3 meters wide. Legend has it that they can grow as big as cars.

IMG_2915 (1) 

After being Robinson Crusoe it was time to relax and eat in Ubud. 

“Tourist Jungle” 

It is tourist Jungle with more souvenir shops than local warungs. It is definitely not my favourite place but some people and especially yoga fans worship Ubud. Maybe I am prejudiced as it is too far away from the ocean, my love.

A rice paddy view to wake up to and a full day of pampering in the spa with my parents. Travelling with your parents has its perks 😉 To end our short trip in Ubud we had dinner in Locavore, in my eyes the best restaurant in Indonesia


 “Is Bali still authentic?”

Leaving at 5am on a Saturday was a bit tough after a good night out at LaLaguna. Yes, a Bollywood party. But sleeping in the car, that is what I am made for.

Sunset golden hour has always been my favourite time of the day but that might change. Can I become an early riser? If you ask my family, the answer will probably be no. Nevertheless, I have never enjoyed waking up more than on this day. Enough about this dreamy stuff. Adventure time.


A short ride to the Git-Git waterfalls – read a little nap. And it was time to sling through the jungle on vines acting like Tarzan and swim in the waterfalls. Last but not least, on the to the Jatiluwih rice fields – Unesco heritage. As I always try to write about my highlights, this trip has been highlight on highlight and a very impressive day and trip ended with a great nasi campur with my family and friends.



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