Don’t ever go to Sumbawa!

Turquoise water, endless views, rainbows, turtles, and very, very good waves. That made for a shitty weekend trip. While I am eating a banana pancake to give my arms a little rest in between surf session 3 and 4 I wrote down a few tips if you ever don’t want to go to Lakey Peak;)


  • If you fly with Wings air, prepare for delay and be very early with the check-in. They only accept 8 board bags per flight. Otherwise you might have to wait for the next flight, which could well be the next day…..
  • A taxi is 800k IDR, no discussions or bargaining. Try to share a ride and just bite the bullet.
  • It is very basic with limited internet so you have to spend time with friends while drinking a mango juice or an ice cold Bintang! Bring a book and disconnect.
  • Homestays range from 200-400k IDR per night and often include breakfast. Scooter rental is approx. 60k IDR per day and you need it to reach Periscopes, the regular foots wet dream.
  • Bring spare boards, a good camera, a long lycra in case of little stingy jellyfish and your best mates.

Enjoy your Nasi Goreng and I’ll be back rather sooner than later.

What a view
Reef walk


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