Fish, coffee and pastel de nata

Living, Surfing and Working in Portugal

With Lisbon only 40 minutes away from Ericeira, I should have visited it more often, but there is so much to see in the area and only so little time. The biggest wave of the world, Nazare and Azenhas do Mar, the most picturesque village I have ever seen are just 2 of these amazing places.

I know that spending 7 months doesn’t really count, but it did give me a good idea about life in Portugal. I know that I love 60 cents coffee and pastel de nata to the moon and back again.

Top 5 around Lisbon

After I said, “I live in Portugal” people came to visit or asked me for recommendations. So, my top 5 is:

  • ­Time out Market in Lisbon (great food / Like the hallen)
  • Nazare if there are waves to see (BEST SEASON)
  • Fish at the Azenhas do Mar restaurant, fresh catch overlooking the natural pool.
  • Hidden little India restaurant in Lisbon, go with a small group and order the whole menu, best at the bar
  • River view bar lookout point over Lisbon

As you can read, many recommendations are in Lisbon. This city is my favourite European City and has great temperatures until new year even t-shirts.

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Peniche and Algarve

But wait, Portugal has a lot more to offer. During my road trip from Porto to Southern Algarve I crossed scenic landscapes and empty toll roads. Not only upsides though spend 4 hours with my classic Mercedes waiting for the tow truck to arrive as my car broke down.

From Peniche down I raced to the Algarve via the ocean road, this time in my ford fiesta rental, overtaking tractors like they were bananas in Mario kart.

Arrived at the end of the old world, the Algarve

This area has both the South and West coast to offer and is known for, again, tis great fish restaurants, Portugal and especially the Algarve are for ocean addicts like myself the place to be.

Where to go in Ericeira

Of course there are down sides, there is no light without dark. People are seen as closed. Yes, I have met many happy and open people, but in general I have to agree, some are a little closed 😉 . It was difficult to learn the language as many people didn’t really want to help me or didn’t speak any English. Maybe it was just the season. Between Jan-March people in Ericeira don’t go out that much, but as soon as April shows, everyone opens their windows and the bars fill up. Make sure to visit (Praia de Pescadores, when you are in Ericeira, the best tapas and wine bar is located right in the middle. The best pizza is just a little outside of Ericeira at Pizza Mobile. For Pastel Nata, the best shop is O Pãozinho das Marias. And for a lunch time Prego at Lebre

Portugal has a special place in my heart and I know I’ll be back. Only for the value for money ratio, temperature and the wonderful ocean alone.



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