Flying high in Australia

Hoping from Melbourne to Sydney to Moruya to Sydney to Denpasar with 2 road trips, to 2 city tours and a skydive course, read how I did it.

Arrived at 4AM, took an Uber – HE BUDDY – to Toms place, luckily his roommate opened up after a heavy night out. Due to difficulties on Denpasar I had 4 hours delay and Tom already was K.O.

The next day I walked from Brunswick to Fitzroy, enjoyed some great coffee and a cheeky beer at Naked for Satan, a highly recommended rooftop bar. Strolling on to CBC looking for Coda, a fabulous restaurant, but due to the horse races all restaurants were full. Until we found Fitzroy social, great steak, cheese and red wine, everything you miss when living in Bali. So what is next? Espresso Martini at black cat before I tried perseverance club – shit – and just a little nightcap before going to bed. If this is a Saturday, what will Sunday bring?

Pancake Day in Melbourne

Pancakes day. Banana pancakes, blue berry pancakes, maple syrup, cinnamon and great coffee. Tom had it all. This was the perfect base for a great ocean road trip, but we were missing something.

Going to the supermarket in our spaceship rental van buying olives, wine, cheese, tapenade, chips, fruit, yoghurt. Yes, we were prepping for a preppy glamping trip. Driving through the mountains with rain was depressing, but we laughed our way through it. We found our way to prince town camping which was ruled by 100 Kangaroos. Truly magical to wake up with a sunrise and kangaroos all around the car.

On the way back we passed the scenic look out of Loch Ard Gorge and the twelve apostles.

The famous surf beach, Bells beach wasn’t really working, only 2 ft. but Lorne village had a great scallop pie to make up for it. While eating the pie, we spotted a few koalas. Day 2 and I already spotted 2 iconic animals. Only a BBQ and I did it all.

Melbourne Night Tour

The Melbourne Uni is a big campus in the middle of town and has everything you can think of, even 100 microwaves to heat up your lunch. But my favourite feature is that it is located next to Fitzroy. This hipster area is great to stroll, eat, shop and bike around. Street art everywhere, so, where do I enrol?

All the street art urged me to go to Banksy gallery, unfortunately this wasn’t too great. I could not have wished for a better night tour guide than Sarah, wow what a great night. First stop, a speak easy, hidden cocktail bar with Espresso Martini. Followed by Sligo a rooftop bar overlooking the parliament building. Afterwards, Super normal sharing food concept with great dishes and even better wine. A little night cap at Carlton bar and I could step into the taxi looking back on a happy evening.

After saying goodbye to Tom and giving back my LEKKER bike it was time for a sandwich at Beatrix and the plane to Sydney.

!!Beware, they actually weigh your hand luggage and it is only 7 kg. …… I ended up paying 35 AUD L!!

You gotta love Sydney

Visiting Adam, my old Ericeira flat mate and wow, what is the Opera house is tiny but the bridge and financial area are huge. Being an ocean lover and diver I have seen many ocean based animals, but whales were still on my list, so I hopped on a rib and spotted breaching wales. Truly magnificent.

Time to shirt up, eat steak, drink wine and go out. The Ivy and The Establishment were a fun night out. The Free Contemporary art museum was a great hangover activity. A weekend trip to Jarvis Ba was my last part before I would go skydiving. After the Great Ocean Road, it was time for the Pacific Ocean Road. A blowhole, my first ever fish & chips, the whitest sand in the world, supping with sting rays and a wine tasting tour

Getting high

9 stages of AFF. During the first run to 12000 ft. I could see whales breaching, snowy peaks and greener than green forest beds Yes, the views were spectacular, and I didn’t even start about the blue sky as soon as you clear the layer of clouds. Pure beauty, that was the moment I fell in love with the new sport. Even before I jumped.

The course was intense and wind dependent. Whenever the wind was under 15 knots I would gear up, discuss the focus point with my trainer and execute the next stage. Afterwards a video analysis and if the weather allowed it the next jump. But many afternoons were spent drinking beer around the bonfire. It was really a relaxing week, despite the peaks in adrenaline.

I met a crazy bunch of skydivers, but I will never forget them

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