Thank you for having me Bali!


I have learned a lot, but that would not have been possible without the great people around me, thank you all!

Adventure – check
Friends – check
Sun – check
Beach – check
Surf – check
Great time – check

How was the life? Driving on my scooter, with the wind in my hair, surf board on my rack, I was living the good life.


What were my hotspots?

Post surf brekkie

To get a crazy triple mix salad with the most exotic flavours, Sprout is where I go. Sometimes I rather have some fruit or toast with rice field view, that’s Cinta. But Shady Shack is where they invented hipsterdom and everything you order is super instagrammable.

A quick lunch

  • Sika Warung next to La Barraca on
  • Koi
  • Japanese Warung on Echo beach

For the best “Nasi Campur” Sika is my place to go, quick, only 2 EUR and great diversity, but only between 12-14, otherwise everything will be finished 😦 Koi is the best Hipster Campur, campur means choice, they have a range of 25 different meals that you can combine into a take away box or a plate. The garlic tuna on Echo beach at the Japanese place combines taste with the beach! The ideal combination.

Dinner with my amigo’s

The Maui poke with raw tuna, soy sauce, rice and veggies kept me going for days. But with friends I rather ate a pizza at La Baracca as it is a little bit on Italy in the Tropics. For a night of dining I went for Gypsy or Dandelion, balanced food and beverages. Make sure to book a table in high season

For the Weekend warriors:

Bingin is my favourite spot in Bali, great surf, completely disconnect and often a night out in Single Fin. The best surf is most definitely Sumbawa. Also read about the trips in the different articles

Rock on!


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