-15 and on a rampage in Warsaw

What do 13 friends do in Poland?

Everything started on Friday with a 5:00 am alarm to make it on time for the 7:45 am flight from Eindhoven. It all went well until someone, whose name I will not publish because that isn’t nice for Steve, forgot the most essential item, his passport. Oepsie, we quickly had to book him a new evening flight from Schiphol.

Arrived in Modlin, our friendly driver was waiting for us and took us through the tundra and past the frozen Wisla, overtaking cars left and right, straight into old town. Everyone was celebrating three kings and wearing golden crowns, but all we could think of was if we could ever feel our toes again. So we looked for a warm restaurant to taste the local beer and cuisine. We had some dumplings! Yes, dumplings, we still don’t know if they are Asian or Polish, if you know it, please let us know. The first activity of the weekend was an escape room. We had 60 minutes to escape 3 rooms in little groups of 4. This real life cluedo is a great hit and only 8 EUR per person. Just always have Steven and Alper in your team if you want to win.

Dinner was  a great recommendation from my friend, Tomasz Fichtel, he even made us a reservation and wow, what was I impressed by the atmosphere, service and food. Except for the cheesecake everything was on point. The bottles of wine on the table and dishes ranging from steak tartare, shrimp, mussels, duck and rabbit set the bar for the weekend. To finish it off, we drank some of the most horrible shots and enjoyed the many disco floors all over town. After 24 hours without sleep and for 1 person, with luckily a long line of Siberian blood, a long 30 minute walk home in -15 without jacket, because a certain person, Mick, stole his jacket, it was time for some well deserved downtime to prepare for Saturday.

With –15 our main transportation was uber and taxi’s  I think I have used more than 15 taxis over the weekend. Ouch there goes the money, but with only 2,50 EUR per ride it was very manageable and fun. Especially since we made them into little discos by taking over the radio. I hope Erik Hulschebosh will soon be number 1 in the Polish top 40.

To at least have an idea of where we were, we visited the highest tower, we all had the idea the we were back in an old Soviet movie, we still don’t know if it actually was a Soviet tower, but a little fantasy makes everything more fun. After we took some poolshoogte we realized the café was opslotti.

Shooting a handgun, shotgun and AK-47 was the highlight for many, I mainly thought it was scary and it made me feel a bit weird in the stomach. This could also be the hangover of course 😉 To not miss out on culture, we visited a “blind museum”to experience total darkness, this was very impressive and made us all realize how lucky we actually are.

To finish the day, and to start the night of well, we went for Burgers at Barn Burgers, again a recommendation from Tomasz, and again we were not disappointed. Two of our bravest friends ordered the double patty, triple bacon, quadruple sauce beast, called “the BY-PASS” luckily they survived so we could go back in town to have 1 last night out filled with jager, vodka, jokes and a lot of djensing.

We would all like to thank nero cafe for the great hangover breakfasts and we hope to see them in Holland rather sooner than later.  But does this vest make me gay?

If you ever go to Warsaw, go to:

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