Snowboarding and working in Innsbruck

Visiting friends combined with doing sports is always a big plus, and when that person also inspires you, it is a double plus. Julius, thank you for hosting me in your apartment.

I’ve used these two weeks to work on a passion project and I will soon make it public. Bijles4scholier is getting real and will need all the help very soon. But for now, let’s focus on the boarding and IBK (Innsbruck) life for now.

Building confidence

This was the first time I spent more than a few days on a snowboard since I broke my back in 2014. I was afraid and used the first week to regain confidence. My hope was to start shredding again. A big thank you to all the people that helped me build my confidence again. I am still not doing park, let’s set that as a goal for 2018. By the way, follow Braunbernhard if you want to be inspired!


The weekends in Innsbruck are great as it is a ski area but also still a city. And guess what, it has a decent night life. Emma and Dachsbau are 2 of my favourites. Maybe I’ll stay a little longer in Innsbruck next year, 2 months maybe, who wants to join me? Maybe I can convince you with a perfect Sunday😉

My perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday starts with a brunch at Moustache followed by a day in the sun at Nordkette and ends with a glass Gruner Veltliner and good pasta in the evening.

After hiking in Zell am Ziller, Patcherkofel, Erhwald alm, Axamer Lizum and Mutters a day at the sauna was very welcome. All the blue bird days led to spectacular views and hiking and local knowledge helped me to find the last remaining powder.

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