C’est la vie!

Vin, pain and fromage in Burgundy

How did I survive 2 days in the heart of Burgundy. I have seen more vineyards in 2 days than I have seen in the 24 years before. I still don’t know if tasting more than 60 wines within a day is a smart move or a crazy move, but boy, what did I learn a lot about wine. Fortunately, there was enough cheese to match the wine.


Jabobsz restaurant trip

A trip with team Jacobsz. The restaurant was closed for two days and everyone was super excited to learn, taste and have fun. With the brigade de cuisine, sommeliers, owners and waiting staff we all had different knowledge of wine. Wine expert Jesaja was there to help, translate and guide us on this enlightening trip.

The Corton hill.

This is one of the most iconic areas in Burgundy and I will never forget the view. This is where I have learned about Corton-Charlemagne and the preference of the emperor in the 14th century for white wine over red, due to red stains in beards. Therefore, most the Corton hill is used for white wine. Domaine Bonneau du Martray was our host and here I have tasted the most exclusive wines.



After apéro – charcuterie, pain, vin et fromage – , in Beaune, it was time to visit the second vineyard, Vincent Dureuil-Janthial. Here we tasted 20 different wines, different years but mainly different parcels. This is a true family domaine. He makes wine like his great grandfather did. He harvests and bottles according to the moon and this is the reason for the moon logo on his bottles. When the penicillin is on the bottles you know, you are the real deal.


Dinner time

All the wine and lectures made us hungry. Luckily, we had a reservation at ed.em. This 1 star restaurant was great to tickle our senses and look for inspiration to bring home. The stingray and pigeon were fabulous. However, I am happy that I work in a modern restaurant in Amsterdam and not in a classic French restaurant in Burgundy. We do it our way and most definitely understand what service is about.

Like a god in France

I now know what living like a god in France really means. We rented a villa that was big enough to host 20 people, including a pool, piano, conservatory and garden. We even had a vineyard to look at from the first floor.


Could we taste and learn any more?

To finish it off we had a royal breakfast with everything Burgundy had to offer. Luckily one of the chefs was making the eggs 😊 Everyone has their own specialty of course. Btw, photo credits also go to my colleagues Diederick and Willow! We went to one last domaine, Domaine Bohrmann, Flemish owned and operated. She gave us a good insight in the process and risks of wine making in Burgundy. In 2016 they lost 80% of the production due to overnight frost.

With more wines on our wish list, great stories, memories and especially increased knowledge we could return to Jacobsz and spread the Burgundy feeling in Amsterdam

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